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Eddie Barrett Seat Companies BAB Bomber seats are "Bad Ass Bomber Seats"

BAB Bomber seats are designed for chopped channeled sectioned

body dropped rides . These seats fit and look wicked in Model T ,

Model A , custom trucks and most all custom Hot Rods and Sports cars and sport trucks.

These seats are easy to purchase and look Bitch'n in all rides.


Bomber seats all blacket bucket seats for hot rods and sports cars by The Barrett Seat co

All Black Hot Rod bomber seats.

BAB bomber seat fit well in

Hot Rod"s ,Customs and sports cars..

Shown right is a Black with red welt Hot Rod Bomber seat.

These bomber seats fit well in street rods..

black and red hot rod bad ass bomber bucket seats for hot rods cutstoms and sports cars by the Barrett Seat Company
Black and white Bad Ass Bomber seats by The Barrett Seat Co

Shown left is an Eddie Barrett Black with white welt Hot rod bomber bucket seat.Standard pleat

stitch pattern.

Shown right is a standard pleat all black hot rod bomber bench seat, by Eddie Barrett. Bomber bench seat for hot rods and street rods by The Barrett Seat Company. Bad Ass Bomber seats
bench bomber seat bad ass bomber seats for hot rods and customs by The Barrett Seat Co Shown left is a hot rod stitch all black hot rod bomber bench seat, by Eddie Barrett.

CUSTOM ... Bomber bucket seat

black with orange welt by Eddie Barrett

custom bomber seat for hot rod and custom by The Barrett Seat Co. Bad Ass bomber seats
bucket bomber seat for mini tucks by The Barrett Seat Co


CUSTOM... bomber street rod seat red with black welt

CUSTOM .... BAd Ass Bomber seats white with red welt.. bucket bomber seat by The Barrett seat co for street rods and customs
bomber bucket seats custom grey with gmc logo for hot rods customs by The Barrett Seat Co
CUSTOM ... made bucket seats for a custom mini truck.






All BAB seats are 589.00 per pair plus shipping

Dimensions are

22.5" Tall

23.5 Deep

18.5" Wide

with 2 inch foam .

Cushion flips forward for easy mounting..

The whole participation greatly beated all our outlook.

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Bad Ass Bomber Seats are a product of Eddie Barrett Seat Company
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